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What is EAP Counselling?

EAP or Employee Assistance Program is psychological mental health and wellbeing support for workers, usually subsidised by the employer.  This is usually short-term counselling and if a longer-term support is required, the employee is referred on to the appropriate professional services.  The subject issue does not have to be work-related and can be personal issues which impacting on the employee’s work performance.

Other EAP services include:

  •  Critical Incident support
  • Group De-briefing and processing after a stressful event
  • Psycho-education – such as resiliency skills, stress management, etc.
  • Mediaton – Resolution between two conflicting individuals.
  • Manager Assistance – how to support an employee affected by a mental health issue.

Enquire with your employer today about the entitlements to EAP counselling.  They are free for the employee and are confidential.

Joyce Bok has 8 years as an EAP Psychologist over 2 states, and is a contractor for various EAP agencies.  She is also available as a private contractor for EAP Services.

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Registered Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I take the holistic and mindfulness approach with an interest in the salubrious state and wellbeing. I like to take my clients deeper into themselves.