Hypnosis recordings for purchase

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Hypnosis specific to you and your needs:

Hypnosis can be used for a variety of problems including:  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Unwanted Habits, Unwanted thoughts, Improving Performance, Public Speaking Confidence, General Confidence, Eating Habits, General Happiness, Sleep and many more.  Nearly all of my clients experienced some to a significant degree of improvement.

Are you ready to try?  I can produce a hypnosis recording for your specific needs.  You can experience this all in the comfort of your home.

Important Note:  If you suffer from a mental illness, please consult your doctor first before engaging in hypnosis.

Hypnosis Package Deal:

  •  An initial consultation to gain your background either through telephone contact, Skype (or equvilant), emails or live messaging.
  • A hypnosis script designed just for you and the issue you want to work on.
  • A recording of the hypnosis session so that you can listen to it as many times as  you need.
  • All this for just $195 investment in your well-being

Take advantage of this package deal by purchasing below.  For enquires, send me a message or you can call me on 040 661 7220.